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About 2nd Innings

Experts on one platform and not your regular consultants. 2nd Innings Advisory is a platform or an enabler for successful leaders from the Corporate world to discover ways to give back to the new and young Corporate India and the World. Our experts or partners have decided that they will invest some of their time or maybe all their time to help you make a new Fortune 500 company! They have experience ranging from 15 years to 35 years and beyond. They were Leaders or CXOs or SME in super successful companies (including Fortune 500). They have led teams and worked all over the world. If they can't help you or guide you to solve the problem, then they will be happy to introduce you to their connections (other experts). We are happy to work with anybody – large companies, mid-size companies, NGOs and start-ups. We are committed to creating value by enhancing learning and capabilities for SMSE companies through cutting edge solutions in the area of Technology, Finance, Audit, Project management, Marketing, Public Relations and HR, We also do pro-bono work in deserving cases.

Why choose us

We complement you

We offer advisory services which by nature complement your team and your skills.

Our solid experience

We have expertise in the area of our offering. This is a combination of knowledge acquired formally and learnt due to our experience working in great companies.

Your win is our win

We are humble and we would like to give back to the society and young entrepreneurs and Managers. Hence no hidden agenda.

Our unenviable Connections

We have an enviable network which you can leverage. We also leverage it by bring in professionals to help us with our assignments.

We are unique- we are from industry

Our tagline says, “Together we win”. We are all about collaboration and joint success. We are constant learners; we haven’t stopped learning and we will happy to share our learnings with you.

Service Verticals

Coaching and Mentoring

Our partners are uniquely placed to be Mentors and Coaches to your leaders and managers. Our partners will be the “catalysts” to your team’s growth. All successful managers and leaders will tell you that the most valuable insights come from some form of mentoring. As Steven Spielberg said, “The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image but giving them the opportunity to create themselves.”. “Coaching is the universal language of change and learning”. We would love to host and facilitate team learning sessions on our area of expertise. We are repaying the top class mentoring we got as we journeyed in our careers. We will be happy to train your teams in person or virtually.

Advisory services

Our partners are available to work with your Board of Directors or functions or teams. They can help a wide range of services and bring to the table skill sets unique and unmatched. Our partners are experts in CIO Advisory – IT & New Age Services, CBO Advisory – B2B Enterprise Business Services, CFO Advisory – Finance & Restructuring, Telecom advisory, Project Management, Public relations, Accounting, Sales team training and building Culture. Our Advisory Services focus on understanding business-critical issues and our partners serve as an objective advisor to help you analyse, evaluate & validate all the assumptions and help you make an informed decision.


Think of our partners as “Virtual CXOs”. We love doings short gigs to address a specific problem or transformation. They will love to work with your team to create say a “Captive Shared Service” or help you “streamline your business processes” and help you implement “Total system economics”. Our projects could be “implementing an ITGC framework or “assist to obtain the MTCTE Certification” or help create a powerful PR strategy for you and implement it or be the Virtual CEO for you. The list is endless and limited by your imagination. We are open to short and long projects but we don’t talk employment contracts.

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