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Rathin Mathur

Culture Coach | Innovative Marketeer | Personal Coach | Passionate

Business and Culture Coach

25+ years experience.

Professional Offerings

  • Performance Coaching
  • Building Leadership Competencies
  • Developing the Culture framework and creating sustaining mechanisms
  • Mid and Senior Level Leadership Training
  • Creativity & Innovation Workshops
  • Empowering employees for Peak Performance Workshops


Personal Coach. Passionate Chef. Innovative Marketeer, Rathin Mathur is an experienced Professional with a history of creating innovation in business. He thrives on engaging people to create personal and business growth. As a Coach, he helps people discover where they want to go and paths to reach there. In their interactions with Rathin, they explore various techniques that enable them to find creative means towards fulfilment.

Rathin also works with organisations to discover and articulate their culture and create mechanisms so that culture becomes an enabler for the strategic objectives of the business. By working closely with team members, he helps them align themselves to the Vision and the values of the organisation. His work with people and organisations aims to enhance individual and organisational performance. Through the course of his life, he has had some successes and some failures but many many learnings that he enjoys sharing. An engaging storyteller, Rathin uses his diverse passions, experiences and skills to create learnings.

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